3DR Solo | The drone for GoPros

With the 3DR Solo, the Californian drone manufacturer 3D Robotics has the drone for GoPros in its program. As the first drone ever, it can access the GoPro’s controls during flight, letting you conveniently adjust settings and start and stop videos. The live image from the GoPro is thereby transmitted to a smartphone or tablet – and that up to a distance of 875 yards (800 meters).

The 3DR Solo can be easily operated and controlled by beginners with the included gamepad-style controller. The controller also has an HDMI output to transmit the video signal to external screens.
To take full advantage of the drone’s capabilities, we recommend purchasing the 3DR gimbal for the Solo at the same time.

The different flight modes

The 3DR Solo has many innovative features to help you take photos and videos with this “GoPro drone”. For example, Pushbutton Flight and Smart Shot help you take great shots. Select the frame and let the Solo do the rest for you.

  • In Follow-Me mode, the drone independently follows moving objects or people and creates stunning shots.
  • In Orbit mode, the 3DR Solo independently orbits any object. You can adjust the radius and also change the height of the drone while circling.
  • CableCam mode lets the drone glide across the sky as if on a string. Set a flight route and while the copter flies the route, you take care of the camera shots.
  • Selfie drones are becoming increasingly popular these days. Even with the 3DR Solo, drone selfies succeed without any problems. In selfie mode, the quadrocopter slowly moves away from you, ascends and keeps you in view at all times. This creates impressive shots with that certain something.
The 3DR Solo has a total of four different intelligent flight modes.

Technology that inspires

Thanks to the modular design, the camera can be easily replaced.

Inside the copter, two 1 GHz processors ensure extremely smooth flight characteristics and provide the necessary computing power for the intelligent additional functions. Built-in safety features such as a Return-to-Home button or the pause function provide additional safety when flying. The latter function acts like a handbrake and lets the 3DR Solo stop in mid-air at the push of a button. By the way, takeoff and landing also work at the push of a button.

With the available app for Android and iOS, you can view the live image of the camera on a smartphone or tablet and make settings on the GoPro in flight.

Another special feature of the 3DR Solo is its modular design. During the development of this drone with camera, thought was also given to the future. New gimbals and GoPro models should also be able to be attached, and other parts of the 3DR Solo should also be designed in such a way that they can be easily replaced in future new developments.

Life After Gravity

Life After Gravity is the title of a science fiction mini-series produced by the Californian drone manufacturer 3D Robotics. What’s special about the episodes released on YouTube to date is that they were recorded exclusively with the 3DR Solo drone described here, and filmmakers rather than professional pilots were used to control the drones. Here is the first episode:


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The 3DR Solo is currently the drone for GoPros. You can change the recording settings while flying and start and stop recordings with the push of a button. The different flight modes offer plenty of room for creative ideas and let you record stunning videos with this drone. The 3DR Solo, together with the optionally available gimbal, is a great complete package for higher demands and is recommended for beginners and advanced users. By the way, the DJI Mavic Pro is also suitable as an alternative to the 3DR Solo from 3D Robotics.