ACME Zoopa Q 155 – a drone with a perfect price-performance ratio

The number of quadrocopters is increasing more and more. The question arises, if you are looking for a quadcopter, which model from which manufacturer is the best variant. Ultimately, of course, this depends on a variety of different factors.

For example, on the question of whether you are a beginner in the world of drone flying or whether you already have years of experience as a drone pilot. Furthermore, it depends on what exactly you want to do with your drone. Do you want it to be a drone with a camera that offers the possibility to take high-class and brilliant aerial photos, or do you just want to hover a few laps around the room or over a field. For the latter activities, the ACME Zoopa Q 155 is definitely the right choice.

ACME – when drones are just a byproduct

ACME is quite a huge group of companies, which mainly makes its money from film rights, IT and telecommunications equipment. The ACME Europe branch, which is also responsible for drone production in the company, has existed since 1994. ACME Europe is one of the largest manufacturers of computer accessories and lighting in Europe.

So drones like the Zoopa Q 155 are only a byproduct, even though the field of unmanned aerial vehicles has grown significantly at ACME in recent years. ACME proves that they have an eye for what is necessary. And the ability to create products with recognition value.

This is what the new DJI Mini 2 looks like.

This is what the Zoopa Q 155 from ACME can do

Stable flight behavior thanks to various sensors.

Those who want to buy the Zoopa Q 155 should be aware that this drone does not have a camera, nor is there any device on which a camera could be retrofitted. This directly qualifies the Zoopa Q 155 as a beginner drone for discovering the joy of drone flying. Especially indoors, the Zoopa Q 155 from ACME is best suited for leisurely flying around. Due to the compact design and the low weight of about 33 g of the drone, flying outdoors becomes complicated when it gets a bit windier.

Flight behavior, flight time & range

The drone’s flight behavior indoors is exceptionally good. The drone quickly stabilizes itself, and the pilot is quickly forgiven for minor flight errors. In general, the controls are not nearly as sensitive as models from the segment for experienced drone pilots. The battery of ACME’s Zoopa Q 155 is a 350 mAh battery that can come up with a flight time between 6 and 10 minutes. These significant differences in flight time result from the three different modes in which the Zoopa Q 155 can be flown. Depending on the mode you set for your Zoopa Q 155, the battery will last different amounts of time.

This is because only about 50% of the drone’s power can be accessed in mode 1. This makes it especially easy for children and beginners to control the drone in this mode and, above all, to land it again. In mode 2, about 75% of the drone’s power is already switched on, which makes it possible to fly much faster and perform one or two tricks in the air. Mode 3 then brings 100% of the power – a mode that should rather be reserved for pilots who have already gained the first experiences. If you are flying in mode 3 and have a rather aggressive flying style, you will have to change the battery after about 5 minutes.

However, this is not a problem with the battery of the Zoopa Q 155 from ACME, because the batteries cost less than $10 in the accessory store. In addition, you can purchase separate chargers here, which make it possible to charge up to 4 batteries at the same time. The charging time is an impressive 70 minutes. However, if you have several batteries at hand, you can quickly and easily swap the batteries in between.

The battery is replaced on the drone in about 20 seconds. However, the drone does not have the option of a Return-to-Home command or a comparable function. Even in the case of a low battery charge, the drone does not automatically return to the ground. In this respect, as soon as the battery starts to glow red, it is important that you initiate the landing procedure to avoid a crash.

For orientation, several LEDs are attached to the quadrocopter. These also allow flights in the dark or in a darker room, without the risk of flying with the drone against walls or losing sight of it. The range of around 200 feet (60 meters) is not suitable for large sightseeing flights anyway. Without a camera, however, such flights are not necessary anyway.

The ACME Zoopa Q 155 in reviews

If you read one or two reviews of the Zoopa Q 155 on the Internet, you will quickly realize that the drone from ACME is a good drone for beginners. In general, the reviews agree that the Zoopa Q 155 offers an excellent price-performance ratio. However, this is not surprising, since the drone is offered in the price segment significantly below $100. According to various reviews on the Internet, the Zoopa Q 155 cuts a good figure in various tests – especially when it comes to the target group of novice pilots.

DJI Mini 2: Long flight time, light weight and long range.

Who is this drone most suitable for?

Thanks to its extremely low price, the ACME – Zoopa Q 155 is perfect as a gift for small occasions. For beginners and those who are still exploring whether the world of drone flying is right for them, the Zoopa Q 155 is one of the best entry-level drones the market has to offer right now. However, those who already have some experience with drone flying and don’t want to miss out on a camera should rather spend more money and buy a higher quality drone.