Holy Stone HS160 – pocket drone for beginners

The Holy Stone HS160 is a compact mini quadcopter with integrated camera. The foldable design of this extremely lightweight drone for beginners makes it the perfect companion for on the go. The copter is controlled by the included controller or simply with your own smartphone.

The simple operation and affordable price make the Holy Stone HS160 an excellent entry-level drone for this exciting hobby.

Design and features

Thanks to the clever design with fold-out arms, the Holy Stone HS160 is easy to transport and quickly ready for use. With dimensions of 16 x 11 x 5 cm and a weight of just 83 grams, the foldable drone fits in almost any pocket.

Equipped with practical features such as automatic Altitude Hold function, Headless mode and various speed modes, the drone is easy to operate even for drone novices.

Takeoff and landing work at the touch of a button and the four built-in LEDs not only look chic, but also help not to lose sight of the HS160 even in difficult lighting conditions.

The good workmanship guarantees that the mini-drone will survive the occasional crash without damage – and if something should break, the HS160 comes with four replacement propellers for quick replacement.

Holy Stone HS160 – Foldable Pocket Drone.

Control via controller & app

Control via controller & app.

The Holy Stone HS160 is controlled either with the included controller (4 AA batteries required), via your own smartphone, or a combination of both. To use the controller, you need to pair it with the drone before launch. You can find out exactly how this works in instruction manual.

To view the drone’s live image on your smartphone during flight, simply download the free app for Android and iOS and attach your phone to the remote controller with the included mount. You trigger videos and photos with simple commands in the app.

Flight time and range

Thanks to the built-in 6-axis gyro, the Holy Stone HS160 is stable in the air and automatically maintains altitude. The drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, due to its light weight, you should only launch it in conditions that are as windless as possible.

The included 3.7 V, 500 mAh battery provides flight times between 4 and 10 minutes. The flight time depends on the set speed and the use of the live image mode. The battery is charged within 50 to 70 minutes with the included USB charger.

Due to the generally low flight times of inexpensive drones, we always recommend purchasing a second battery to be able to take off a second time. This second battery is included with the Holy Stone HS160 – a big plus, in our opinion.

The range of the drone is up to 110 yards (100 meters) horizontally in optimal conditions, and the achievable height is around 100 to 165 feet (30 to 50 meters).

The camera of the Holy Stone HS160

The integrated 720p camera delivers decent pictures for a camera drone in this price range – even under difficult lighting conditions. Although the HS160 does not have a gimbal, as you are used to from more expensive models, the camera can be adjusted vertically before launch.

The transmission of the FPV live image works up to a distance of about 33 to 77 yards (30 to 70 meters), depending on the ambient conditions.

Adjustable 720p FPV camera.

The headless mode

In addition to the four adjustable speeds, the so-called Headless mode ensures that even beginners quickly get to grips with the controls. In this mode, it does not matter in which direction the front or back of the copter is pointing. When control commands are sent to the left or right, the HS160 always flies in the desired direction, making handling much easier.

However, we recommend that you only fly in Headless mode for as short a time as possible and also learn the normal controls, as by no means every drone has Headless mode.


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Other accessories

With quick start guide.

In addition to the four spare rotors, the second battery and the screws needed for the first assembly, two spare control sticks for the controller and four landing skids are also included.

A dustproof drone bag for transport and the practical cell phone holder are also included. The most important functions for a successful launch are also noted on the drone’s box in the form of a quick start guide.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x HS160 Mini Quadcopter
  • 1 x Controller (4 AA batteries are not included)
  • 2 x 3.7V, 500 mAh rechargeable batteries
  • 1 x dustproof bag for drone
  • 4 x spare rotors
  • 4 x spare landing skids
  • 2 x spare control sticks
  • 4 x screws for mounting
  • 1 x cell phone holder
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x instruction manual


The Holy Stone HS160 is an excellent mini quadcopter with integrated camera and best suited for beginners. The foldable design makes it extremely compact and easy to transport. The built-in 720p camera can be adjusted vertically and delivers videos in HD quality. The included secondary battery is a rarity on models in this price range, doubling flight time.

Four selectable speeds, 6-axis gyro and headless mode let you operate the copter intuitively and ensure flying fun from the first minute. All in all, the Holy Stone HS160 is an exceptionally well-done mini-drone for under 100 dollars and a good choice especially for beginners. For a bit more money, the manufacturer offers the Holy Stone HS100, a drone with an even wider range of functions. On the other hand, those who can do without an integrated camera should also take a look at the Holy Stone HS170.