Hubsan H501S X4 (Pro) – FPV drone for beginners

The Hubsan H501S X4 is a Full HD camera drone with live image transmission and is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as FPV fans. The quadcopter comes with flight times of up to 20 minutes and can be flown safely even in moderate winds thanks to GPS. With GPS turned off, it reaches breathtaking speeds of up to 45mph (72 km/h) and can therefore also be used perfectly as an FPV racing drone. The Hubsan H501S X4 is available in standard and pro version.

Hubsan H501S X4 – Technical data

The two versions differ on the one hand in the supplied remote control (H901A or H906A) and the associated different range 330 or 440 yards (300 m or 400 m). On the other hand, the Pro version also comes with an additional battery.

The 22 x 22 x 7 cm large and 450 gram heavy quadcopter comes optionally in the colors white-gold or black-gold.

Equipped with four brushless motors and a 2700 mAh LiPo battery, the Hubsan H501S X4 can reach speeds of up to 45 mph (72 km/h) – with GPS turned off – and stay in the air for up to 20 minutes.

The Hubsan H501S X4 drone.

In GPS mode, the drone can use GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellites for positioning thanks to the built-in GNSS module. Automatic landing at the push of a button (Return-to-Home) and automatic flight modes such as Follow Me or Orbit also benefit from this.

Another feature that relies on exact positioning is the failsafe function. This safety mechanism ensures that in the event of a loss of connection between the remote control and the drone, it will automatically come in for a landing.

Charging a drone battery takes about 90 minutes with the included power supply and charging adapter. The battery of the remote control needs several hours for a charging process, but it also lasts for several flights. All accessories needed for charging are included in both versions.

Before the start

Before you launch the Hubsan H501S X4 for the first time, the drone wants to be calibrated. To do this, first turn on the remote controller and then the drone by connecting the two blue cables on the drone battery.

The display of the controller now shows the prompt Calibrate Compass 1. Now turn the copter horizontally until the display shows Calibrate Compass 2. Now hold the drone with the nose down and rotate it again in this position until the message disappears.

Next, mount the four rotors and load the copter with a memory card (not included). To take off, move the two control sticks down and out simultaneously. To stop the motors after landing, push the two control sticks down and in at the same time.


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The camera

The Hubsan H501S X4’s fixed camera records videos in Full HD (1080p) at 30 fps and photos in 2048 x 1536 pixels. Videos are recorded in MOV format, while photos are saved in JPEG. The storage medium is a microSD card with up to 32 GB, which is unfortunately not included.

Since neither the normal nor the Pro version of the Hubsan H501S X4 has a gimbal to stabilize the camera, movie and photo recordings should be made on windless days if possible. However, slight wobbles in the video recordings cannot be completely avoided even when there is no wind at all. Furthermore, you should always switch to GPS mode for video recordings, in which the drone can be controlled more slowly and stably.

If you are looking for a drone with a camera for high-quality film sequences and first-class photos, you might be disappointed by the quality of the Hubsan H501S X4 and should therefore rather buy a more expensive drone right away. However, the camera is sufficient for beginners and occasional flyers and shows what interesting perspectives are possible with camera drones.

The controllers: H901A and H906A

Depending on whether you choose The Hubsan H501S X4 or the H501 X4 Pro, you will get either the H901A or the H906A remote controller. Both controllers feature antennas for the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands, as well as an LCD display to show the live image of the drone. Other useful telemetry data is also displayed on the screens.

While the range of the standrad radio (H901A) is listed at a maximum of 330 yards (300 meters), the drone can be controlled at a distance of up to 440 yards (400 meters) with the Pro Controller (H906A). Please note that drones in many countries may only be flown on sight and up to an altitude of 330 feet (100 meters).

By the way, if needed, the two antennas on the H906A controller can be replaced with more powerful models. This is a feature that is only possible with a few controllers and we like it very much. An output for connecting FPV goggles is also available on both remote controls.

The “Pro Controller” H906A.

Automatic flight modes

The Hubsan H501S X4 has several automatic flight modes that either simplify the control of the copter (Headless Mode) or offer interesting perspectives for taking photos or videos (Follow Me, Orbit).

Even if the various features can’t quite keep up with the precision of current top drones like the DJI Mini 2, for example, they still offer some interesting options and perspectives for your photo and video recordings.

The different flight modes

  • Altitude Position Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • Follow Me
  • Orbit
  • Automatic Return To Home
Altitude Position Hold of the H501S X4.

In Altitude Position Hold mode, the drone automatically maintains its altitude. This feature can be especially useful for flights with GPS mode turned off.

The so-called Headless Mode makes it easier to operate the drone, especially for beginners. If you activate this mode, the drone will always fly in the desired direction when you give control commands to the left or right, regardless of whether the front or rear of the drone is currently facing you.

For Follow Me mode, first navigate the Hubsan H501S X4 to a desired position some distance away. Limitations for distance and altitude are not present, but the mode does not work reliably at a certain distance. If you now activate the mode, the drone will turn towards you and always keep you in view – even if you move.

In Orbit mode, the drone circles you and records a video at the same time. To activate the mode, either long press the video button (standard remote) or long press the down arrow button (pro remote).

Thanks to Automatic Return To Home, you can have the copter return to the launch position at the touch of a button. If the connection between the controller and the drone is interrupted or the battery level drops below a critical value, the drone will also land automatically – but not at the starting position, but on the spot.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Hubsan H501S X4 Pro drone
  • 2 x 7.4 V, 2700 mAh LiPo
  • 1 x charging adapter
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x H906A remote control
  • 8 x propellers
  • 1 x propeller wrench
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x Sun visor for controller


The Hubsan H501S X4 is a very interesting camera drone for beginners as well as for those who like high speeds and a real FPV feeling. Even though the nimble copter does not have a gimbal, the recordings of the Full HD camera are quite respectable and the photo quality is also sufficient for one or two snapshots.

With the GPS deactivated, the copter can reach up to 45 mph (72 km/h) and can be controlled extremely agilely. For about 200 dollars, the H501S X4 is a solid drone with live image transmission and good flight characteristics that promises a lot of fun.

Since the Pro version also includes a second battery in addition to the improved remote control, we definitely recommend spending a few dollars more here. All in all, the Hubsan H501S X4 is an all-around excellent FPV drone at a fair price.