Parrot Swing – hybrid of airplane and drone

With the Parrot Swing mini quadcopter, the French drone manufacturer has a very special flying object for young and old in its program. The unique design of this mix of drone and RC aircraft is reminiscent of the X-wings of the popular Star Wars saga.

Features & scope of delivery

In addition to the Swing drone, the scope of delivery also includes the Parrot FlyPad. The remote control in the style of a gamepad allows controlling the mini drone up to a distance of about 66 yards (60 meters). Alternatively, the Parrot Swing can also be operated exclusively via smartphone, but this reduces the flight range to just under 33 yards (30 meters).

A standard microUSB cable is included to charge the 550 mAh 3.7 V battery. A power adapter is not included – simply use an existing USB or smartphone power adapter for this. Four replacement propellers, a holder for your smartphone, and a multilingual user manual are also included.

After you have charged the battery and stowed it in the designated battery slot, the copter signals its readiness for flight by lighting up green LEDs on the front. The LEDs also provide information about the battery status, operating mode and also indicate any flight problems.

Parrot Swing – with FlyPad.

Design & flight characteristics of the Parrot Swing

Lightweight with 6 to 7 min. flight time.

The eye-catching design of the Parrot Swing is not only impressive on the outside. The flying wing convinces with stable flight characteristics and is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the lightweight construction of the mini copter with wings made of resistant foam plastic, the Swing drone has a take-off weight of just 75 grams and therefore does not require any measures, as has been required for some time for drones weighing 250 grams or more.

Due to its low weight, the Parrot Swing is also ideal as a drone for kids and as an entry-level model for everyone. By the way, with a full battery charge, you will enjoy about 6 to 7 minutes of flight time with the Parrot Swing. Of course, this is not too long, so we recommend buying at least one spare battery to replace the empty battery on the spot and thus extend the flight time.

At the ends of the wings are a total of four small rotors, which provide the necessary propulsion and accelerate the Swing to up to 18.6 mph (30 km/h). In calm flying conditions, agile maneuvers and great flying fun are thus guaranteed. The dimensions of the gliding drone are 32.5 x 12.6 x 12.1 cm.

To take off the Swing drone, you first pair the controller and copter. All you need to do is press the “Parrot Button” on the FlyPad. Then you launch the Swing using the “Takeoff Button” in the app. The mini-drone then climbs vertically, similar to any commercially available quadcopter. The small gliding drone then switches to horizontal flight mode.

An integrated ultrasonic, pressure and camera sensor as well as a 3-axis gyroscope provide the necessary stabilization. Due to its low weight, however, the small drone is relatively susceptible to wind and should therefore be used on windless days if possible. The camera sensor also offers the option of taking photos in 0.3 MP, which, however, is nowhere near the quality of “real” camera drones.


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FlyPad und Freeflight Mini App

The mini drone from Parrot is preferably controlled with the help of the included controller (FlyPad). The gamepad-style remote control has control levers, several buttons (e.g. automatic start) and a rubberized holder for attaching a smartphone. The controller’s 200 mAh battery lasts just under six hours before needing to be recharged for about two hours (also via microUSB).

After installing Parrot’s free “Freeflight Miniapp, you can monitor various flight and telemetry parameters during flight. Since the Swing is not a camera drone, it is unfortunately not possible to transmit a live image, as you are used to from other multicopters such as the DJI Phantom 4.

For those who want to enjoy fast-paced first-person action, real FPV racing drones are the best choice.

The Parrot FlyPad.


The Parrot Swing is not visually a real eye-catcher. Due to the lightweight construction and high-quality materials, the Swing drone survives minor crashes mostly unscathed and offers great fun for young and old. The control via the Parrot FlyPad is intuitive and ideally suited for beginners. The free app also delivers a lot of flight information directly to your smartphone.

Overall, Parrot offers an excellent fun drone at a fair price with the Swing. However, if you expect a high-quality camera drone for great aerial shots, you are much better off with DJI Mavic 2, Yuneec Typhoon H Plus and others. Everyone else will find the Parrot Swing a great toy drone with a high fun factor that makes you want more!