Potensic P7 – mini drone with “combat mode

The Potensic P7 is an easy-to-use mini drone that is ideal for beginners as well as for children from about 10 years. It has a small HD camera, can transmit the live image directly to your smartphone, and as a special extra has a “battle mode” in which you can duel with other Potensic P7 drones.

Toy drone for kids and beginners

The small mini quadcopter comes in a chic red/black design and has protective cages around all four rotors. With its dimensions of approx. 14 x 13 x 5 cm and a weight of just 68 grams, the Potensic P7 is extremely compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport.

Thanks to the fully comprehensive propeller protection and a practical emergency stop function, the small drone is also suitable for children who still have little experience in dealing with multicopters. On the one hand, the rotor guards protect the drone from damage in the event of collisions, and on the other hand, they also protect bystanders from the rapidly spinning propellers.

Takeoff and landing of the copter work quite simply at the push of a button. Once in the air, the Potensic P7 independently maintains the current flight altitude without the need to permanently press the thrust control. Should the mini-drone drift in one direction while hovering, this can be easily remedied using the so-called trim buttons.

The Potensic P7 with propeller guard.

There are a total of three different speeds to choose from, which can be selected via the controller.

If you want, you can also control the drone without a controller, just with your smartphone. For this, the app Potensic Toy” has to be downloaded and installed first. The app is available for free download in the respective App Store for both Android and iOS devices.

The app is also needed to view the live image of the drone camera in real time on the user’s own smartphone. This can be clamped into the practical smartphone holder on the remote control. Unlike many other models, the Potensic P7 comes with the required three AAA batteries for the remote control.

The battle mode of the Battle Drone

The Battle Mode of the Potensic P7.

The special feature of this mini drone is undoubtedly the so-called “Battle Mode” (combat mode), which, however, only works in combination with at least one other Potensic P7. Thanks to a built-in infrared transmitter at the front, you can compete against other drone pilots and duel in the air.

Using a button on the controller, you can aim infrared beams at other drones and try to hit them. The transmitter has a range of about 6 yards and works best indoors or outdoors on a cloudy day, as too much sunlight can limit functionality.

On a “shot” a sound is heard and on a “hit” the other drone responds with a half turn. On the fourth “hit”, the enemy drone has lost and will land on its own.

Other flight modes

If you want, you can have the Potensic P7 perform rotations around its own axis or 3D flips in different directions at the push of a button. This can be extremely practical, especially in “Battle Mode”, to avoid the infrared beams. But the flight maneuvers are also quite impressive.

You can also draw a flight route in the app, which the drone then flies automatically. However, since the copter does not have a GPS module, this is more of a nice gimmick and not particularly accurate.

Absolute beginners in particular will also be happy about the so-called Headless mode. In this mode, a simplified control is available to you. Normally, you always have to pay attention to the direction the copter is currently facing when you give a control command to the left, right, front or back – but this is different in headless mode. The drone will always fly in the direction you pressed, no matter how it is currently oriented.

However, we recommend that you don’t fly in headless mode for too long and that you also learn normal drone control, as by no means all multicopters have this mode.

360° flips and spins around its own axis.

Flight time and range

The Potensic P7 drone with 2 batteries.

The flight time of the Potensic P7 is about 10 minutes per battery. Since the mini drone comes with two batteries, you can enjoy a total of about 20 minutes of flying fun before both 3.7 V, 700 mAh LiPo batteries need to be recharged.

Charging is done via the included charging cable. This is attached to the battery with a special plug and connected at the other end via USB port to a suitable power supply or terminal device. You can either use the power adapter of your smartphone or simply connect the cable to a laptop, PC or power bank.

We really like the fact that the remote control sounds a warning tone when the battery is low. This way, you still have enough time to land the drone safely before the battery is completely drained.

The range of the Potensic P7 is about 55 yards (50 meters), which is more than enough for a mini drone. If you do move further away, the drone will land on its own, so there’s no danger of losing it.

The camera of the Potensic P7

The Potensic P7 has an HD camera that records photos and videos in 720p resolution.

The camera is permanently installed and has a field of view (FOV) of 78°. Photos are recorded as JPEGs, videos as MP4. Live images are sent to the controller on the 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, which should ensure interference-free image transmission.

If you want to take a selfie or video of yourself with the drone, you can use the built-in gesture control for that. Shape your fingers in front of the camera to form the “Victory sign” and a photo will be taken. If you hold your outstretched palm towards the camera, it will record a video of you.

The quality of the footage is perfectly fine for a mini drone in this price range. However, the Potensic P7 cannot compete with the quality of a high-quality camera drone.

The HD camera of the Potensic P7.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Potensic P7 Battle Drone
  • 2 x 3,7 V, 700 mAh LiPo battery
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • 8 x spare propellers
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x propeller tool
  • 1 x user manual


The Potensic P7 is an excellent mini drone with camera, which stands out especially due to the integrated “combat mode“. Control and flight characteristics are impeccable and easy to master even for beginners and children.

The two batteries that are included with the drone and together provide up to 20 minutes of flight time should be emphasized. Thanks to the propeller protection, the Potensic P7 is not only well protected from damage in case of collisions, but is also suitable as a drone for children without hesitation.

Overall, you get a powerful mini quadcopter with great features at a fair price. We can therefore highly recommend the Potensic P7 and wish you a lot of fun flying it already!