PowerUp 3.0 smartphone controlled paper airplane with motor

Who hasn’t dreamed of this as a child: building a paper airplane that floats forever in the air and always flies exactly where you want it to! Now, with the PowerUp 3.0 electric paper airplane kit, that’s exactly what’s possible.

Motorized paper airplane

Folding the mini airplane is uncomplicated and succeeds in a few minutes thanks to the enclosed instructions. In addition, the manufacturer PowerUp Toys provides video instructions on its website.

With the help of scissors, elevators and trim tabs are created on the wings of the paper airplane in no time at all. Then the so-called SmartModule consisting of cockpit, fuselage and tail is clamped to the paper airplane.

The cockpit of the PowerUp 3.0 contains the motor, battery and electrics. A long drive rod connects the front part of the SmartModule to the tail, to which a small propeller and a rudder are attached. The battery of the mini airplane is charged within about 20 minutes via microUSB cable and then allows about 10 minutes of flying fun, with a range of about 55 yards (50 meters).

PowerUp 3.0 – paper airplane kit.

The control

Control paper airplanes via smartphone app.

To control the PowerUp 3.0 paper airplane, you need a Bluetooth-enabled iPhone or Android smartphone and the free downloadable app. You control the speed and flight altitude of the electric paper airplane via the virtual throttle. With the help of your smartphone’s position sensor, the PowerUp 3.0 interprets the tilting movements of your hand and adjusts the flight course to your movements at lightning speed.

Successful and long gliding with the motorized paper airplane with propeller turns out to be not so easy in practice. It takes some practice to keep the mini airplane and the display in view at the same time and not cause a crash. The takeoff process in particular has its pitfalls and needs to be learned.

How much is the PowerUp 3.0 paper airplane?

At about 50 dollars, the motorized paper airplane is priced in the range of most mini drones. Unlike more expensive drone kits, assembling the paper airplane kit does not require any prior knowledge and is done quickly. In addition to the manual, the kit also comes with several preprinted forms for tinkering with the PowerUp 3.0.

Who is the electric paper plane suitable for?

The PowerUp paper airplane with drive is suitable for anyone who was already enthusiastic about paper airplanes as a child. Children and teenagers will also have fun with the kit. However, due to the materials used, the life of the mini airplane is usually limited. So that after the first crash, however, is not immediately end with the fun aircraft, a replacement propeller and a replacement rudder can be found in the scope of delivery. Other spare parts can also be ordered in the store of the supplier PowerUp Toys.

PowerUp 3.0: Electric paper airplane.


The PowerUp 3.0 paper airplane with motor and propeller is a great idea with enormous potential. The electric paper airplane fulfills children’s dreams – but is still partly in its infancy itself. Folding and assembling the paper airplane and SmartModule is child’s play thanks to detailed instructions. The flight time of 10 minutes is comparable to that of smaller drones or other RC planes in this price segment. The Bluetooth-based control of the PowerUp 3.0 via smartphone app could still be improved. However, those who spend a little longer with the mini airplane will have a lot of fun with the PowerUp 3.0!