SANROCK U46 – mini drone with propeller guard

The Sanrock U46 is an excellent mini drone for your own home and is also perfectly suitable as a drone for children. The small quadcopter offers flight times of about 10 minutes, automatically maintains altitude and is easy to operate even for absolute beginners.

Design and weight

Externally, the mini drone, which measures just 9.15 x 8 x 3.18 cm, comes in black and blue.

The mini quadcopter is well-made and robust enough to survive most crashes without damage. Due to its low weight of only 22.3 grams, the Sanrock U46 is especially suitable for indoor operation. Outdoors, it should only be flown when there is no wind.

The four propellers are surrounded by a sturdy propeller guard, which on the one hand protects the drone in case of collisions, but on the other hand also provides a protective function for bystanders. Especially children are thus protected from the fast-spinning rotors.

On the front of the drone is a bright LED, which helps you never lose sight of the drone.

Mini Drone Sanrock U46.

Features and characteristics

Sanrock U46 with auto takeoff & landing.

In addition to the drone and remote control, a USB charging cable for the drone’s battery is included. A set of replacement propellers is also included. However, 3 AAA batteries are still needed for the remote control.

On the controller, in addition to the two joysticks for control, there is also a button for automatic takeoff and landing.

Once the drone is in the air, it independently maintains the current altitude, even if you release the control joysticks. This is by no means the case with all mini drones and is a real advantage of the Sanrock U46.

In terms of speed, there are three different modes to choose from, so you can slowly get used to handling the drone.

Additional functions of the Sanrock U46

For particularly easy control, a so-called Headless mode is also available if required. If you activate the mode, it doesn’t matter how the drone is currently oriented in the air. Normally, you always need to know which direction the front of the drone is facing when you execute a control command in a certain direction.

In Headless mode, this is not necessary, because here the drone will always fly in the direction you pressed, no matter how it is currently oriented. However, we recommend that you do not use the Headless mode all the time, but also learn the “normal” control of the drone. By no means all drones have this mode for simplified control, and if you should ever buy another drone, it is an advantage to have already learned the common controls.

If the drone drifts to one side in the air, you have the option to trim the Sanrock U46. To do this, simply press the left joystick while hovering and simultaneously in the corresponding direction on the right joystick until the drone is hovering stably on the spot.

A handy feature of the drone is an acoustic warning that sounds when the battery level is too low or the signal to the remote control should become too weak.

Simplified control thanks to Headless mode.

Flight characteristics of the Sanrock U46

Sanrock U46: drone for children.

The possible flight time with the Sanrock U46 is approx. 10 minutes per battery charge. After that, the 3.7 V, 180 mAh LiPo battery must be supplied with power again via the supplied USB charging cable. The charging time is about 40 minutes, depending on what kind of power supply you connect the USB charging cable to. Simply use a standard smartphone power adapter or connect the charging cable directly to a PC, laptop or power bank.

By the way, the battery is not removable and sits firmly and securely in the case. This serves as a safety feature and makes the Sanrock U46 together with the propeller protection especially interesting as a drone for kids.

The control distance is about 10 to 15 yards/meters. This doesn’t sound like much, but it is perfectly sufficient for flying in your own four walls. Of course, you can also fly outdoors, but it should be as windless as possible.

Scope of delivery

1 x Quadcopter
1 x Remote control
1 x USB cable
1 x Battery
4 x Spare propellers
1 x User manual

Sanrock U46 Drone
Excellent mini drone.


The Sanrock U46 is a great mini drone for beginners or children. The small copter independently maintains the current flight altitude, stays in the air for about 10 minutes and is very easy to control.

Thanks to the propeller guards and the stable construction, the small drone survives almost every collision unscathed and people are also protected by the enclosed rotors.

Overall, the Sanrock U46 offers great value for money and promises great fun for young and old! We can highly recommend the mini quadcopter and wish you a lot of fun flying it already!