SIMREX X300C – Cheap Mini Drone with HD Camera

The SIMREX X300C is a foldable mini drone with HD camera and best suitable for beginners and also children from about 10 years. The small quadcopter can be controlled by controller plus smartphone, by controller only or by smartphone only.

Design and weight

The ultra-compact SIMREX X300C is available in either a blue, yellow, red or white design. It measures just 11 x 3.5 x 5 cm and is particularly easy to transport thanks to foldable arms and a weight of well under 250 grams.

Thanks to the robust manufacturing method as well as the optional clip-on propeller guards, the mini quadcopter survives most collisions completely unscathed and thus ensures long lasting flying fun. Bystanders are also protected from the rapidly spinning propellers thanks to the rotor guard. Even though we recommend the drone for kids from about 10 years old, they should only fly under parental supervision until the age of 14.

The handy controller has a fold-out mount for attaching a smartphone and, unlike other drones, does not have elongated control sticks, but flat control pads.

We really like the fact that no additional batteries are needed to operate the remote control. The permanently installed battery can be conveniently recharged via USB charging cable, just like the drone.

The SIMREX X300C foldable drone.

Equipment and flight characteristics

The controller of the SIMREX X300C.

Takeoff and landing of the SIMREX X300C work quite simply at the push of a button. In the air, the mini drone independently maintains the current flight altitude thanks to the Altitude Hold function, without you having to permanently press the thrust control.

If the copter drifts to one side, you can easily balance it using the trim buttons on the controller until it is hovering stably on the spot.

A total of three different speeds can also be selected via the remote control. In the fastest mode, the X300C drone is pretty quick, so you should only fly outside in this mode if possible. Due to the low weight, you should also only take off outdoors in calm or light winds.

In addition to a handy emergency stop function that makes the motors stop instantly, the drone also has a Return-to-Home mode. However, since there is no GPS installed, this only works in a very limited way and makes the SIMREX X300C return in a straight line towards the remote control. We therefore recommend that you land manually if possible.

The quadcopter can be controlled either with the controller plus smartphone, with the smartphone only or with the controller only.

To be able to use the camera and take photos and videos, you must first download and install the “SIMREX FPVapp on your smartphone. This is available for free download for Android and iPhones.

In the app, there are various icons to trigger the different functions of the drone. Photos and videos can be taken, control can be activated via smartphone and other functions can be activated via touch command.

If you only use the controller, you can also operate the drone solely by tilting the remote control, in addition to the normal control. Simply press the corresponding button on the controller.

The control by tilting the controller.

Flight time and range

The flight time of the SIMREX X300C is about 8 to 10 minutes, depending on whether you use the camera and at what speed you fly. Charging time via USB charging cable is approximately 45 to 60 minutes. To charge, simply connect the cable to a smartphone charger or a laptop, PC or power bank.

The control range is approximately 33 to 49 yards (30 to 45 meters). In case of signal loss, the drone will automatically land in place after some time and will not fly away in an uncontrolled direction.

The camera of the SIMREX X300C

The HD camera of the SIMREX X300C records videos in 720p. It has a field of view of 110° and is therefore very wide-angled. It cannot be adjusted. The quality of the footage is not exhilarating, but viewing the live FPV image is fun and gives you a first glimpse of what is possible with more expensive drones with cameras.

Flight modes and other functions

The SIMREX X300C is capable of 360° overshoots in all directions.

If you want to perform little tricks with the SIMREX X300C, you can do so with ease thanks to the built-in 360° flip & roll mode. Simply press the flip button and then on the right control pad in any direction. The copter will then perform a flip in the corresponding direction.

Beginners in particular will also be pleased with the so-called headless mode. In this mode, simplified control is available, in which it does not matter in which direction the drone is facing when you give a control command. The SIMREX X300C will always fly in the direction you press, no matter how it is currently oriented.

However, we recommend that you don’t fly in headless mode for too long and also learn normal drone control, as not all multicopters have headless mode by a long shot.

Another highlight is the voice control of the X300C. However, this only works in English and with the following commands: “take off”, “land”, “forward”, “backward”, “turn left” and “turn right”.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x SIMREX X300C drone
  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 4 x propeller guards
  • 4 x spare propellers
  • 1 x instruction manual


The SIMREX X300C is a successful drone for beginners and offers a good entry into the hobby. The built-in camera offers first insights into the possibilities of camera drones and the robust construction ensures long-lasting flying fun.

The flight time of about 8 to 10 minutes is not particularly long, but usual for mini drones in this price range. The different control options are exciting – there is something for everyone here.

All in all, the SIMREX X300C is an inexpensive mini-drone with good features and therefore highly recommended for beginners and also children from about 10 years. We wish you a lot of fun flying it already!