Snaptain SP360 – Cheap HD entry-level drone with 2 batteries

The Snaptain SP360 is an affordable entry-level drone with 720p camera and the possibility of FPV live image transmission. The compact quadcopter comes with two batteries and is ideal as a drone for children or beginners.

Design and weight

The drone itself is completely white, with only the lettering on the top and the four rotors in gray and black, respectively. At the front of the Snaptain SP360 is a small, permanently installed HD camera that can record videos in 720p.

The weight of the drone is well below 250 grams.

Snaptain SP360 drone with 2 batteries at once.

Features and flight characteristics

Simple operation: The Snaptain SP360.

Even though the Snaptain SP360 is an inexpensive entry-level drone, the small quadcopter already masters various practical features that should make your flight easier.

Takeoff and landing, for example, work quite simply at the push of a button. A throw launch from the hand is also possible. Once in the air, you can choose between three different speeds at which you want to control the Snaptain SP360.

Thanks to the Altitude-Hold function, the drone independently maintains the current altitude, so you do not have to permanently operate the thrust control. To protect the drone as well as bystanders, the Snaptain SP360 has four attachable and detachable propeller guards. The small plastic brackets protect the drone’s rotors from touching walls or furniture, ensuring a longer life for the drone.

Should you ever lose control of the drone during flight, all you need to do is press the button for a longer time and the drone will make an emergency landing.

Beginners in particular will also be pleased with the Headless mode. In this flight mode, simplified control of the drone is available. For control commands to the left, right, front or back, you do not have to pay attention to the orientation of the drone in the sky in Headless mode, so that it flies in the desired direction. So there is no need to rethink based on the orientation of the drone.

However, we recommend that you don’t fly in Headless mode for too long and also learn how to control the drone normally, as not all drones have Headless mode by a long shot.

The 3D flip function, which allows the Snaptain SP360 to perform flips in different directions, provides variety in the air. A circular flight as well as rotations around its own axis are also possible.

If you want, you can also operate the small drone via voice control. The following commands are available: “Take off”, “Landing”, “Left”, “Right”, “Forward”, “Backward”.

The Snaptain SP360 is extremely compact.

Photos and videos can also be triggered via the built-in gesture control of the Snaptain SP360, in addition to the classic triggering via controller or app. The corresponding gestures are described in the user manual.

Flight time and range

Snaptain SP360: 16 minutes of flight time thanks to two batteries.

The flight time of the Snaptain SP360 is approximately 8 minutesper battery. Since the compact quadcopter comes with two 3.7 V, 500 mAh batteries at once, you can enjoy up to 16 minutes of flight time before both batteries need to be recharged.

By the way, you are alerted to an almost empty battery by a beep from the remote control. This allows you to land safely before the battery runs out entirely.

The mini quadcopter can be controlled either with the remote control or just with the help of your own smartphone. While the control range is about 66 yards (60 meters) when using the controller, the signal transmission reaches about 44 yards (40 meters) when you only use your smartphone.

In general, it is best to fly indoors with the Snaptain SP360, as the small drone is very susceptible to wind due to its light weight.

The camera of the Snaptain SP360

The camera of the Snaptain SP360 records videos in 720p. For a small drone in this price range, the quality of the photos and videos are quite acceptable and are perfectly sufficient to gain initial experience with drones with cameras.

However, if you want to record high-quality footage for your own film projects, you should rather buy a different camera drone.

The camera of the Snaptain SP360.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Snaptain SP360
  • 2 x 3.7 V, 500 mAh rechargeable batteries
  • 4 x spare propellers and spare screws
  • 4 x propeller guards
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x instruction manual


The Snaptain SP360 is an inexpensive drone with an HD camera that is best suited for gaining first experiences with camera drones. The quality of the photos and videos is perfectly fine for this price range, even if it naturally does not come close to the results of more expensive drones for a long time.

Overall, the Snaptain SP360 offers very good value for money and is an excellent drone for kids and beginners.