SNAPTAIN SP7100 – affordable 4K drone with GPS and 26 minutes flight time

The Snaptain SP7100 is a 4K camera drone with a foldable design that is recommended for both beginner and advanced drone pilots. The Snaptain SP7100 features GPS and FPV live image transmission, handles automatic flight and recording modes such as Follow Me, POI and Waypoint Navigation, and offers up to 26 minutes of flight time.

Design and weight

On the outside, the Snaptain SP7100 is almost completely black. Only the motor covers and the “Snaptain” lettering on the top of the drone are gray.

Two bright LEDs are found on the front of the copter. Red and green LEDs are installed on the four motors, respectively, so you can more easily tell the front and rear of the drone apart in the sky.

The weight is approximately 500 grams. In addition to the drone, remote control and accessories, you will also receive a padded carrying bag that holds all of the Snaptain SP7100’s equipment.

Snaptain SP7100 with controller & padded carrying case.

Equipment and flight characteristics

Snaptain SP7100 with brushless motors.

Unlike many other affordable drones, the Snaptain SP7100 has brushless motors instead of the louder and less powerful brushed motors often found in inexpensive copters.

Takeoff and landing work conveniently with the push of a button. Once in the air, you have two different speeds to choose from. In the highest setting, the Snaptain SP7100 reaches a maximum of 13 m/s (29 mph or 46.8 km/h). This is a relatively high speed that provides a real racing feeling in the air.

Once the drone has risen into the air after automatic takeoff, it automatically holds the instantaneous altitude thanks to Altitude Hold. So you don’t have to permanently operate the thrust controller to keep the drone in the air.

Due to the relatively high weight of about 500 grams, the quadcopter is reasonably wind-stable and can be flown outside confidently even in light winds.

GPS, Optical Flow, RTH and Headless-Mode

The built-in GPS module of the Snaptain SP7100 allows continuous positioning of the drone and enables other functions, such as the smart Return to Home mode (RTH), which allows the drone to return safely to the launch position or drone landing site.

When the RTH button is pressed, the drone begins its return flight and lands autonomously at the launch position. The Snaptain SP7100 also flies home automatically if the connection between the controller and the drone is lost. Even if the battery level is too low, the Snaptain SP7100 will automatically return to the starting position and land there. Thanks to these safety mechanisms, you run no risk of accidentally losing the drone.

Snaptain SP7100: GPS and RTH mode.
Snaptain SP7100 with Optical Flow Sensor, GPS & Altitude Hold.

In addition to GPS, the Snaptain SP7100 also features a so-called Optical Flow System on the underside of the drone, which consists of a small ground camera and an ultrasonic sensor. The permanent filming and scanning of the ground further increases the positioning accuracy of the drone, allowing it to precisely maintain its position. An optical flow sensor additionally enables safe flying in enclosed spaces where GPS reception is not possible.

Beginners in particular will be pleased with the Snaptain SP7100’s so-called headless mode. In this mode, simplified control of the drone is available. For control commands to the left, right, front or rear, it is usually important how the drone is currently oriented in the air. In headless mode, however, orientation does not matter and the drone will always fly in the direction you want it to go.

However, we recommend that you do not fly in headless mode for too long and that you also learn the normal drone controls, as by no means all drones have headless mode.

Remote control and app

The remote control fits well in the hand and has a retractable smartphone holder that can accommodate cell phones of all common sizes. In addition to the two control joysticks and buttons for takeoff/landing, photo and video recording, and for triggering other functions, there are also a few small LED lights. As soon as the drone has found enough GPS satellites, a green LED lights up and you can take off.

The remote control is charged using an included microUSB charging cable, which simply needs to be connected to an appropriate power adapter (e.g. from a smartphone).

To view the drone’s live FPV image and make further settings, you first need to download the Snaptain Epic app. The app is available for free download from the respective app store for both iOS and Android devices.

The app displays important flight information, such as the number of connected satellites and the current altitude, distance and speed of the drone. Furthermore, you can make various other settings in the app, such as adjusting the maximum distance.

Flight time and range

The flight time of the Snaptain SP7100 is up to 26 minutes. The relatively long flight time is made possible by a 7.6 V, 3600 mAh battery. The battery is charged using the included USB charging cable within about 4 to 5 hours, depending on the charger used. For charging, you can either simply use the power adapter of your smartphone or connect the battery directly to PC or laptop.

The maximum control range is about 875 yards (800 meters), which is a very decent value for a drone in this price range. The transmission of the drone’s live FPV image doesn’t work quite as far, but the transmission quality is very good thanks to 5G WiFi-transmission. The term 5G has nothing to do with the LTE successor, but refers to a WiFi standard (802.11 ac 5G Wi-Fi) that is supported by all current smartphones.

The camera of the Snaptain SP7100

The camera of the Snaptain SP7100.

The camera of the Snaptain SP7100 takes photos and videos in 4K. Unfortunately, there is no mechanical gimbal installed, but Snaptain has given the camera a small shock absorber that is supposed to compensate for larger vibrations.

In order to get different shooting perspectives, the camera can be tilted vertically by up to 90° via the controller during flight.

The quality of the photos and videos is very good for a drone in this price segment. Although it does not quite reach the recording quality of the even higher-quality DJI drones, you do not have to dig deep into your pocket for the Snaptain SP7100.

Photos and videos are stored on a microSD card, which is not included.

Automatic flight modes

Thanks to GPS, the Snaptain SP7100 is capable of some automatic flight or recording modes that should help you make exciting video sequences.

In Follow Me mode, the drone follows the signal of the controller and thus you as the pilot. At the same time, the drone records a video in which you always remain the center of attention.

Point of Interest (POI) mode allows you to fly around an object or person while simultaneously recording video again.

Another feature is the ability to create a custom flight path before launching the drone. Just set a few waypoints on the interactive map in the app and the quadcopter will fly the flight path independently afterwards.

A nice extra is also the gesture control. With the help of simple gestures, you can trigger photos and videos at a short distance from the drone. You can find a more detailed description in the included user manual.

Automatic flight modes of the Snaptain SP7100.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Snaptain SP7100
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x quick start guide
  • 1 x carrying bag
  • 4 x spare rotors
Scope of delivery of the Snaptain SP7100.


The Snaptain SP7100 is a relatively inexpensive and well-equipped drone with camera that is recommended for both beginners and advanced users. The foldable quadcopter has a 4K camera, an optical flow sensor and brushless motors. Thanks to GPS and a weight of about 500 grams, the Snaptain SP7100 is relatively stable in the wind and precisely maintains its position in the sky.

Other highlights include a smart Return to Home mode, automatic flight modes and a flight time of up to 26 minutes.

All in all, the Snaptain SP7100 is an excellent camera drone in the mid-price segment that delivers usable shots from a bird’s eye view!