A remote-controlled drone for children should be, above all, safe, robust, lightweight and easy to use. We show you which drones are suitable for children and what you should consider before buying a toy drone.

This is what you should pay attention to when buying a drone for kids:

In order to survive the one or other crash unscathed without breaking right away, a drone suitable for children should be as stable as possible. A low weight is also an advantage to minimize the risk of injury for the child as well as third parties.

Since especially the fast rotating propellers can be dangerous, drones for children should have a propeller guard if possible. This protects both the children from the drone and the drone from damage in the event of a collision.

Practice indoors at the beginning

Even though the control of a drone can be learned quickly and is actually not complicated, small children in particular should first practice indoors, in a safe environment, before flying with the drone outdoors. The best place for this is a room where not much can break.

Since most toy drones do not require GPS to fly, they are ideal for indoor use. However, be aware that some of the more expensive models with GPS, cannot take off indoors as they rely on a satellite connection.

Many drones are not children’s toys

In general, the performance of the drone should always be adapted to the age of the child. Many of the current top drones with cameras are definitely not children’s toys and should only be flown from the age of 14, unless under supervision. Even though many high-end drones have supporting functions such as obstacle detection, the large range of functions can also quickly overwhelm children.

The high possible flight ranges of several miles, which are not uncommon with today’s best drones, can also be problematic if used improperly. In most countries, multicopters may only be flown within visual range. Responsible handling of drones is therefore extremely important in order not to endanger yourself or others.

We therefore recommend that small children should never be left unsupervised when flying drones and that the age of the child should always be taken into account when buying a drone. While there is no legal age restriction for multicopters in most countries, most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 14 for unsupervised operation.

So if you want to buy a drone for children from 6, 8, 10 or 12 years, it should always be ensured that the little ones never fly with the drone completely alone.

Which drones for which age?

In general, small mini drones with small dimensions and little dead weight are particularly suitable for children. Many children’s drones are also capable of small tricks such as 360° flips and rolls at the touch of a button, which provide variety and entertainment.

If you want to buy a drone for kids aged 6 or 8 and up, it probably doesn’t have to be a model with a camera or GPS. An inexpensive toy drone with a small range and short flight time is usually quite sufficient here.

For slightly older children from 10 or 12 years, compact drones with cameras are ideal. From simple models with VGA camera to high-quality mini drones with 4K camera, everything is available here depending on the price range.

When buying a high-class mini drone for children, always make sure that the drone has GPS, only then will it independently hold its position even in moderate wind. Also, various smart flight and recording modes require a positioning system to work correctly and create impressive footage.

Drones with camera for children over 10 years

In our opinion, the following drones are best suited for children aged 10 and up, provided they are supervised by an adult while flying. Many of the featured quadcopters are compact, foldable drones with HD or even 4K cameras. Therefore, these multicopters can hardly be called toy drones anymore, even though they are perfectly suitable for children and as drones for beginners thanks to their easy operability and relatively affordable price.

Inexpensive drones for children aged 6 and up

Below, we present what we consider to be the best and cheapest drones for kids aged 6 and up. The presented multicopters are characterized mainly by ease of use, robustness, as well as an affordable price. In addition to classic mini drones, you can also find a kit drone to assemble yourself, an electric paper airplane and even a remote-controlled boat in the table.rones for beginners thanks to their easy operability and relatively affordable price.

Legal situation: rules and regulations

Even though there is no legal minimum age for operating drones in most countries, there are still some rules and regulations to follow.

Drones with cameras (in the UK) or those weighing 250 grams (USA) or more must be equipped with your registration number.

Observe no-fly zones

It should also be noted that drones in some countries may only be flown within visual range as well as up to a maximum ascent height of 400 feet (120 meters). Furthermore, it is forbidden for camera drones to fly over accident sites, larger crowds, residential properties and other restricted areas.

Also, there are many no-fly zones where multicopters are not allowed to take off. For an exact overview, we recommend an app of your local air traffic control.